Our Vision is for all people to experience God and impact their community for good.


Our Mission: Connecting to Christ through Community!  



A natural proccess to acheiving our goal is through promoting an personal experience with God through loving relationships, sharing our stories with others in actions and word wherever we find the opportunity.


We are normal people who are experiencing God, or reconnecting with him.   We are not perfect in our own right.  We are love, lovely and loveable as are all people.  We are forgiven and want to forgive although that can be hard at times.  We want to know Him and know His ways.  We are not interested in a religion alone or a culture of traditional church. We subscribe to the notion all can come to God and expect not all will be the same after experiencing Him.  Prayer in song, meditiation, speech and silence moves Heavens favor and allows God to do more for others than if we did not pray at all.


We are adamant that the way to God is in community.  Jesus taught that where two or more are gathered, He is there also.  We gather on the web, in homes, during weekly services, coffee dates, breakfasts or late dinners to name a few.  


We do not believe in the walls of color, race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual preference.  All are one in Christ, accepted and forgiven! 



Who's welcome at the Experience:


What kind of people are welcome at the Experience? The homeless, the poor, those living in government housing, those who live in the nicer areas of town. The weak, the strong, the rich, and the middle class. The fat, the bulimic, the anorexic, the health nut, vegans, vegetarians, those allergic to everything and those that say, “I eat everything.” Also welcome are the humble, the mean spirited, those who naturally love everything, and those who hate and hold grudges. Welcome are the easily angered and the depressed. Those who suffer with mental health issues or have a disability and those who are stricken with PMS issues. The child, the granny, and great grandpas too. Here the legalist, the liberal, republicans, democrats, and independents are more than welcome. Families, single parents, pregnant women, or pregnant teens, and those with multiple divorces. If you have had an abortion you are welcome. People who have committed crimes and done time as well as those who have never had a ticket. Those addicted to drugs, nicotine, caffeine, romance novels, Facebook, Snapchat, and sports news. Those who wonder why they are married and those who have been happily for forty years. The LBGT community is welcome here as well. Any color of skin or hair is welcome. Those who burn their trash or litter as well as those who recycle and would call themselves “green.” The educated and those who were drop outs. Those who have no idea as to what they will do in life as well as those who live by a plan and are ruled by their calendar. Those in debt up to their ears and those who have tons of money for their grandchildren. The multilevel marketer and entrepreneur as well as the part-timer and the CEO. Those who are too lazy to really look for a job and play video games all day as well as those who are so busy they are under tons of stress. If you drink, smoke, or exercise four hours a day; if you were called a dirtbag, emo, goth, nail head, loser, jock, nerd, dumb, ugly, beautiful, popular, or graduated with honors, you, too, are welcome. If you listen to rock, punk, techno, classical, opera, rap, gospel, contemporary Christian, or Barry Manilow, welcome! We are sure that if any one of us had different parents or a different upbringing we could easily be like someone on the list above. Since we are not, we embrace and welcome all as we connect as a community seeking life and an experience with God. “Connecting to God Through Community” is our mission. Providing an opportunity for you to experience God is the vision.




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