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We have the philosophy that BELONGING, BELIEVING, AND BEHAVING, constitute the critical aspects to the Christian life.


We see a great controversy happening between good and evil.  It is a battle for the mind.


Since no one is perfect, we do not believe in throwing stones.  We do believe that loving accountability is essential and needed at times. 


The bible is clear there is no preference to color, race and gender with God as all are one in Christ.


We believe strongly that having an experience with God is key.  You can do this by spending time in nature, in God's word, prayer and with a community of faith.


We do not believe our church is the only church, or only way people can find God.  


We understand the Church is not a building but a body of people given gifts and talents to nurture and build up the group as well as impact the community for good. 


We have five peculiar pillars of our church.  Salvation, the Dead in Christ, Sanctuary, Second Coming of Christ, and a Sabbath made for man.


If you would like to study more yourself about what we believe the Scriptures are saying.... click HERE. 



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