I grew up in various places in the midwest.  Life was not how I would want it for any child or family.  My mom loved me and worked hard to support my sibilings and I.  Things were not peachy however on the home front with dysfunctions and addictions as an integral part of our family.  I eventually served in the Air Force.  That was a great time to learn and mature emotionally.  I was married and had a beautiful son but unfortunately I was divorced three years later.  After that I began to consider God.  I had put him out of the equation and had more humanistic philosophies.  I eventually was asked to have bible studies by some people who were much different than me.  As we opened the bible, life seemed to happen. Studying that night and for the last twenty years has been a joy.  Learning to love God, be loved and see myself as loveable has been a process.  In the beginning Christianity was about learnign for me.  Eventually experiencing God began at another level filled with ups and downs.  Going through great sickness, deaths and failures to amazing health, life and unbelievable opportunities has made life more than worth living.  Most call me an ordinary guy with a hint of craziness, not at all like a traditional pastor. I love people and love to have fun.  I just love!


I have a beautiful family.  Elizabeth is my wife whom I refer to as the Queen.  She is truely amazing unless of course she disagrees :) That was a joke!

My oldest son is Tyler @22, middle son Seth @ 17, and daughter Grace @ 14.  My grandsonn Noah is so amazing and the fulfillment of life for a grandpa, although I do not at all feel like a grandpa.  It sounds really weird to say that 0_0.  


That is me in a nutshell.  It is such a priveldge for me to meet new people and even better to invest into their life.  Leadershp development, practical christianity and encouragement are things I thrive at in the community I belong to.  I hope you will give us a try.  If we are not a fit, we will help you find the right place for your growth and community.


Anthony S Thomsen



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