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Getting together is really important to us.  We think Connecting to Christ happens best in community.  We currently have the following options:


  • Online: You can connect via Face Book to our community @ The Experience 
  • Groups  You can attend one of our four groups who get together weekly.
    • The Experience:  We essentially have two groups that meet each week with a 3rd starting soon.  
      • Every Saturday @10:00 we have our Conversations group.  This group looks at various stories and themes in the bible.  Lot's of discussion with everyones opion being accepted!
      • Every Saturday @11:15 we have our largest group get together for singing, fun, sharing, and learning about God!
      • Beginning in April we wil have youth / young adult get together called Insights.  We will be looking at some practical things about God for the life, connecting and comparing various world views and ideas.  This is a great time to figure out who you are, what you believe and where your headed and why!
    • Travis & Salena Culver have opened their home FRIDAY EVENINGS beginning with a meal @ 6pm.  There will be connecting with one another as well as with God in prayer and bible study.  Address is:  2505 Autumn Crest, Caldwell ID 83605
    • Karrie Stoldt has opened her home THURSDAY EVENINGS beginning @ 7pm.  Desserts are welcome. This will be a time to connect, have fun and socialize. We will eventually be looking at doing some practical things to help others.  The time will include prayer and some inspiring thoughts.  Address is: 1810 Windsor Park ct. Middleton, ID 83644

For more information concerning any of these groups or times please email

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